Rules, Conditions and Expectations of all Patrons of Spruce Point Park campgrounds and Marina.

If patrons of the Spruce Point Park campground or marina area are experiencing symptoms including cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose or sore throat that is not related to a pre-existing illness or health condition they are expected not to come to these facilities and if these conditions begin once on site they must leave immediately and self isolate at their regular residence.

The Marina building will be open with a limit of 6 people in the store. A spit guard will be placed at the till. The visa/debit machine will be sanitized between customers. The store will offer groceries, bait, fishing tackle, fishing licenses, ice, candy, and regular produces we have handled in the past. Customers will enter at the rear entry and exit from the front door. Directional arrows will be in place on the floor. The washrooms and kitchen will be closed. Ice cream will be dispensed from a pass through window between the kitchen and the patio area. Two portable outhouses will be placed near the rear exit.

Gas sales will be open. Payment can be made at the pass through window or by entering the store from the rear exit. The gas attendant will wear gloves and a mask. Customers will dispense their own gas and will be asked to wear gloves. Gloves will be sold for 25 cents a pair. ($3:00 for a dozen )

The fish cleaning station will be open, with only two people at a time. Spruce Point Park will be cleaning and sanitizing the station every 3 hours between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM (4 times daily). Patrons will be expected to wear gloves and clean their station after each use with the water and squeegees that are available. Gloves will be available at the marina store for 25 cents a pair. ($3:00 for a dozen) Social distancing will be required.

The beach will be open. 50 people max will be allowed and 6’ social distancing will be in place. People from the same household will not be required to social distance. Parents must supervise and take responsibility for their children.

All playgrounds are open use at own risk. 

The camp kitchen in this area will be closed.

The gatehouse door will be closed. All camping will be done with reservations only. All reservations will be pre-paid in advance.  You will be able to pick up your welcome package at the window of the gatehouse. For any payments to be made credit card/debit is encouraged in order to have staff and customers have minimal contact while checking in and selecting a site.  Debit/Credit card machines are sanitized after every use. Wood sales will occur if fires are allowed.

In the camping area a 30’ distance between campers must be maintained. This means some camp stalls will be closed. Only one camper of the same household will be allowed in a stall unless a generous 30’ can be maintained between campers, both on that lot and the neighbouring lots.

Patrons are urged to make use of the washroom facilities in their campers instead of the outhouses and washrooms.

The outhouses will be open. Spruce Point Park will be cleaning the outhouses every 3 hours while staff are on site (4 times daily). Campers are expected to bring both hand sanitizer and disinfectant to be used at each use. (Toilet seat, door handle inside and out and latch and lock) Wearing of gloves is recommended. Garbage containers will be placed at all outhouses.

The washhouse by stall 79 (far end) will be open. The washhouse near the “W” stalls will be open, but the showers will be closed. Capacity of each room is limited to 4 with social distancing in effect. Wait outside until room is available. Spruce Point Park will be cleaning and sanitizing these washhouses every 3 hours while staff are on site (4 times daily).  Patrons are expected to bring their own hand sanitizer and disinfectant and use them at each use. Gloves are recommended for use at the toilets and urinals. 

The water fill stations will be open, no hoses will be supplied.  Patrons are expected to wear gloves and disinfect prior to use.

Gloves are to be disposed of in garbage bins.

Tenting will be allowed. Bring your own portapotty if available.

Patrons will be expected to disinfect their picnic table and cover it will a table cloth upon arrival. Patrons are expected to remove all garbage from their site before leaving and place it in the garbage bins provided. Wear gloves to open and close the garbage bins. Spruce Point Park inspects sites as patrons leave as manpower is available. All patrons should arrive on site with a generous supply of hand sanitizer, disinfectant and disposable rubber gloves.

The camp kitchen at the far end (near stall 100) will be closed.

Mini Golf and the other recreational facilities in that area will be open.  Golf balls and clubs will be cleaned and sanitized before each use. The other recreational facilities in the area will not be cleaned or sanitized. Gloves are recommended. Social distancing will be in effect.

Trails are open. Social distancing is in effect.

Group camping is closed. Stalls in the group camping area by the power pole will be used for day rental use. 30’ distance between campers is required.

Overflow camping stalls beside the ball diamonds, behind the rodeo grounds and by the marina will be open but some stalls will be closed to allow 30’ between campers.

No visitors will be allowed in the campground.