Request For Proposal (RFP)

Spruce Point Park is currently seeking proposals for the supply of firewood to the park wood shed located +\- 5 kilometers west of Kinuso and +/-7kms north on Range Road #104.  Please review the following criteria.

  • All wood is to be dry spruce cut to +/- 40cm (16”) lengths.
  • Wood is to be split to a minimum of four pieces per block.
  • Exceptions can be made for blocks 15cm (6”) in diameter or smaller that may at the supplier’s discretion be split into two pieces.
  • Price is to be quoted on a per cord basis delivered to site.
  • Quantity is based on 40 cords with delivery starting on or before June 20th, 2020.
  • Lowest proposal not necessarily accepted. Spruce Point Park reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals.
  • All wood is to be delivered in a stacked neatly fashion for measurement to verify quantity.
  • The successful supplier is responsible to deliver the wood in a fashion that allows them the ability offload/dump in the 30’ x 60’ x 16’ high wood shed through the 14’ high opening. Spruce Point Park will supply the equipment to push the wood up as required.
  • This RFP is open for submission up to and including 16:30 hrs on June 18th, 2020. All sealed proposals will be opened and evaluated at a meeting of the Board of Directors on scheduled for 19:00 hrs on June 18th.

10) All deliveries are to be co-ordinated and verified by the Park Manager or his designate.

 Proposals are to be delivered or mailed in a sealed envelope clearly marked Spruce Point Park Wood Proposal. If more information is required on deliverables please contact Linda at 780-775-3805.